I recieved a Red Fingerlime tree as a gift but it may have been propergated on a keifer lime

Asked February 15, 2020, 7:21 PM EST

I received a Red Finger lime tree as a gift , but it may have been propagated on a Kaffir lime tree. I'm trying to figure it out. In the picture its one tree two different leaves varieties. Plant has 2 limbs, each limb with a different leaf. I would like help to identify this variety. Thank you with any help you can give me.

Worcester County Maryland

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We cannot see the whole photo. Does the plant look like it has been grafted? We cannot tell if they are two separate plants. If so, you can separate and put into two different containers.

The Kaffir lime has the double leaf as in the right photo. You can pick a leaf and crush the foliage. It smells like a lime and a little bit soapy. A Kaffir lime can get large.

The single leaf looks like a Finger lime. The plant stays pretty small. Containers for both should be deep containers.
If in doubt, you may need to contact the company.