Backyard Grass Woes

Asked February 15, 2020, 1:59 PM EST

Good Afternoon, My wife and I recently purchased our home in Baltimore city. It appears the sellers put sod down to spruce up the property for showings. The grass has died as a portion of the yard is depressed and holds water during light to heavy rain fall. Heaviest being the worst. What is a great MD native plant for a moisture ridden backyard? Is grass best? Thanks, Maksym

Baltimore Maryland

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You need to come up with a landscape plan. Loosen up the soil and level the area so the moisture drains. You can put some landscape beds around the fenceline or just place decorative containers with plants in the backyard for some color.

Turf will not hold up with a dog in this small space. You can check into artificial turf but avoid a rubber filler due to drainage issues. One of our specialists has dogs and has good luck with artificial turf. You can fill the hole with sand and topsoil on
top. You can also consider extending the pavers to the fenceline.