Sweet Bay Magnolia branch damage

Asked February 14, 2020, 9:38 AM EST

This sweet bay magnolia was planted in May 2018. The flare was covered in compacted clay. I cleared away as much of the clay as I could. But as you can see in the attached pictures, 1 of the main branches has significant damage to it. That damage seems to be moving toward the trunk. What should I do to the branch?

District of Columbia County District of Columbia

1 Response

The damaged area is not caused by disease, but is a wound left behind when a branch broke off. It looks like it has sealed itself (healed) and we would not recommend taking any action at this time.

Keep an eye on it, in case a disease does get in. This is a very uneven wound, and the tree looks like it has done a good job of healing, but if you suspect a disease in the future, send us another photo.