MORE Plants at Prettyboy Reservoir, Sept 29, 2019

Asked February 14, 2020, 8:41 AM EST

Question 2 of 2 today Can you please identify these plants taken at Prettyboy Reservoir on Sept 29, 2019. 1. possibly Black Haw 2. a plant of small red berry (no taste, if i remember)

Prince George's County Maryland

2 Responses

1. & 2. Aralia spinosa, or Devil's Walking Stick -- native. Great plant for wildlife but thorny!

3. Viburnum -- A kind of viburnum. This viburnum in the photo has fuzzy/hairy stems and leaf undersides, which leads us to think it is probably an escaped Viburnum plicatum (Doublefile viburnum.) Unfortunately, it is Asian and is on lists of Invasive Plants for our region. You may want to take another look at it when it is in bloom. The blooms of the Doublefile are very distinctive. If it is a doublefile, it should be removed.


wow -- i love you guys (uhmm, you Gals!)
oppps, I now see that the Aralia spinosa is so not Viburnum rufidulum. I should have seen that.
regarding the viburnum (possible Viburnum plicatum): was a bit common at Prettyboy Reservoir in one location -- right on a main dirt road. very close to a experimental garden.
i hope to get out there when my Viburnum rufidulum blooms on my property in Fort Washington. I'm certain Viburnum rufidulum was also at Prettyboy Reservoir -- i chewed on something out there and the texture and flavor was in-line with Viburnum rufidulum. my wife encouraged me to eat more...but that's for another forum ;). i'm about to post a vid of our walk at Prettyboy Reservoir -- your valued input will be added and cited.
thank you Ellen!