Plants at Prettyboy Reservoir, Sept 29, 2019

Asked February 14, 2020, 8:39 AM EST

Can you please identify these plants taken at Prettyboy Reservoir on Sept 29, 2019. 1. plant with small drupes on low-to-ground plant 2. i should know this fern 3. possibly Common Winterberry

Prince George's County Maryland

2 Responses

1. Barberry-- this is invasive and research proves it increases tick populations as well as increasing the percentage of ticks infected with Lyme disease. Remove if at all possible. Deer do not eat this, so it slowly but completely will take over the ground story of natural areas.

2. Princess pine or lycopodium - native, wonderful groundcover
It is similar to crowsfoot, and is in the same family.

3. Winterberry - native. Great bird food source.


OMG -- that's terrible about the Barberry!
Thank you -- the lycopodium is gorgeous.
Good -- lots of Winterberry at Prettyboy Reservoir.
2 of 3 are native. uhmmmmm..... next time i'll bring my clippers for the invasive.....