Asked February 13, 2020, 1:03 PM EST

im disabled and moved into an apt that looked nice at first. but it was infested with mice i realized after i moved in. and now 4 1/2 weeks later ive got bed bug bites all over me . just to find out my apartment wasnt treated last june along with the other 2 apt. i live in a house with 2 studio apt upstairs and one apt downstairs .. i live in mi and was never informed of these matters before i moved in. when i told my landlord she tried to blame me at first, i felt so bad i informed my downstairs neighbor and he was upset because they were back.. im living in a nightmare and dont want to live here anymore. i havent had a stove since i moved in . i just want to be directed to a lawyer who will help me get out. and not screw me because my landlord might pay them to say i dont have a case. this world is so crooked. since im on ssdi i dont have the means to move. ive got an open and close case. ive saved all the text meseges from my landlord and ive got tons of pitchers from the time i moved in untill now. and my landlord/owner trying to say i brought them and then saying otherwise ..i just want to move but i need some honest help and dont know where to turn..thanks for reading


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There are a couple of avenues to pursue. If you're looking for legal help, then your local Legal Aid can probably provide assistance. You can also contact your local municipality for assistance. It depends on where you live in Michigan as to what other resources may be available to you.