Need Help Diagnosing My Plant That Turned Yellow

Asked February 12, 2020, 5:40 PM EST

Hello! I have a plant that was growing very quickly but it recently started turning yellow and I'm not sure what caused it. I had been watering it almost daily until about a week ago when I wasn't home much. I included 2 pictures, one from when I first got it this past summer and one after it started turning yellow. What do I need to do to fix it? Any info you can provide would be great! Thanks!

Montgomery County Maryland

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Daily watering is too often for houseplants, particularly in winter when many plants take a rest period.
We recently shared this watering video on one of our Facebook pages:
The white coating on the bottom of the pot is salt accumulation that has washed out.
So some of your issue stems from too much watering, but we also think that the plant needs repotting into a larger pot with fresh potting mix.
Trim off any discolored leaves or leaf tips to neaten the plant.

This section of our website covers houseplant care and is very helpful: