Asked February 10, 2020, 12:04 PM EST

I have been feeling awful for years, severe bloating, weight gain ( mostly belly) redness on my throat/neck area, itchy gums and severe congestion. I seen my ENT specialist who does allergy stuff but not food allergy. He as a favor did do some basic food allergy testing but does not treat it. My basic test for what I called a supreme pizza came back with values the following based on a standard range of <0.10 kUA/I of results are as follows:
.12 Gluten IgE, .12 Pork IgE,
.22 for Casein IgE, .38 for tomato IgE, .13 for wheat IgE, .40 for Beta-Lactogloubulin IgE, .20 Beef IgE,
I have this basic info, nothing else was done, I need help and apparently my health insurance no longer covers anything with allergy or doctors there in.

Bullitt County Kentucky

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Hello. Thank you for your question. We are not trained to answer medical questions. However, we do offer nutritional and healthy living educational programs. I have included the contact information for the Family & Consumer Science Agent in Bullitt County. Please contact her.

Ruth M Chowning

Extension Agent
Family and Consumer Science
phone: (502) 543-2257
fax: (502) 543-6940