What am I doing wrong with my lemon tree?

Asked February 9, 2020, 5:22 PM EST

My lemon tree leaves have started to curl and go yellow. So I watered it and gave it fertilizer but two weeks later it dont look any better. It cant go outside and I'm worried its suffering permanently damage from the cold. Help someone please. I put the plant in the kitchen thinking it needed alot of sunlight but I'm now worried it needs warmth and should move it into the living room instead.

Outside United States

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Thank you for contacting us about your lemon tree. How long has the tree been declining? Did it ever dry out completely?

From your photo, it is difficult to determine the drainage. The pot should be raised above the drainage dish so that it does not touch any excess water. Also, the pot should not contain stones or any other drainage material... only potting soil and the plant.

Also, what is the white material on top of the soil?

Please reply to this email with the answers to my questions, and I will be happy to try to assist you.

Just before Christmas, white stuff is fertilizer recommended by a landscape gardener. No stones in the pot and the pot has proper drainage.

Hello again, and thank you for the information. It's very possible that there is more than one thing going on with your plant. The fertilizer dose seems very high. What kind of fertilizer are you using (the 3 numbers on the package for N,P,K), and what is the recommended rate of application?

The plant looks like it may be suffering from an overdose of fertilizer. You should depot it with all new soil as soon as possible. Do not fertilize it. Keep watered when the top of the soil dried out. If the plant improves, we can investigate other problems. Note that it may drop all of its leaves as it recovers.