Why is my string of Pearl's dying?

Asked February 8, 2020, 9:48 PM EST

I got my string of Pearl's plant when it was pretty small. I've had some of the vines shrivel up and die on me. When I tried to look online, it didnt look like the shriveling of underwatering so I dont know what's wrong!! I've tried fertilizing and under watering and overwatering!! I had just watered jt when I took the pictures which is why it looks wet!! Please help!

Outside United States

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Thank you for contacting us about your string of pearls plant. From the photos, it appears that the pot has no drainage. This may very well have created root rot. Please refer to my response to a related question: https://ask.extension.org/expert/questions/588268j

At this point, you can try repotting the plant into a new pot with proper drainage and good potting soil. Water thoroughly, but do not let the pot sit in the drained water. Allow the surface to dry to a depth of about 1/2-inch before watering again.