Peach Tree

Asked February 8, 2020, 3:49 PM EST

How do I get rid of what I believe to be oriental fruit moth on my peach tree. Last year and year before. Tips of some braches were black and growing peaches had a clear sap coming from them also severely stunted the peach growth. And some peaches just dropped while green. What can i do come spring?

Wayne County Michigan

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It sounds like you could have some Oriental Fruit Moth attacking your tree, but Plum Curculio is another common pest that could also explain the damage to the fruit. Proper pest identification is essential before choosing your management approach. I would recommend purchasing monitoring traps and pheromone lures for those two species. The traps will help you determine the timing of the pest's emergence as well as the identity of the pest. Searching the internet for "IPM supplies Michigan" should help you find a supplier for traps and lures.
Once you have identified the pests, you can choose a management tactic to limit the damage that they do to your peaches. In conditions where there is a high pest population (for either or both of the mentioned pests), you may need to make several contact insecticide applications, beginning after Petal Fall (post-bloom). The number of sprays and how often they should be will depend on the active ingredients and formulation of product that you choose. Be sure to choose a product that is labelled for home use in Michigan and that the crop and target pest are listed on the label. Follow all label directions to ensure the safety of yourself and others. Here are some links to Extension articles about Oriental Fruit Moth for further reading: