best fertilizer for meyer lemon container tree

Asked February 7, 2020, 10:55 AM EST

What is the best meyert lemon fertilizer for container trees? And what is the schedule? Thanks

Wicomico County Maryland

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Container-grown citrus plants are heavy nitrogen feeders. Look for a fertilizer that has nitrogen in a 2-1-1 or 3-1-1 nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium (NPK) ratio. You can use an organic granular or slow-release fertilizer or a product labeled “citrus fertilizer.” Another option is a liquid fertilizer (such as fish emulsion) applied when you water.

Fertilize your plant only when it is actively growing (spring to late summer). The frequency of application will depend on the type of fertilizer you choose (read the product label). As a general guideline, fertilize citrus at least three times in the growing season: spring, early summer, and late summer. Stop fertilizing by early fall. This will prompt your plant to harden off rather than develop new foliage. You do not need to fertilize in the winter.

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