standing timber value in south east michigan

Asked February 4, 2020, 4:13 PM EST

Our family has a farm in Romeo Michigan and back in June of 2018 we sold some standing timber. At the time we sold 24 trees which were a mix of white oak, red oak and cherry. These were all large mature trees and the average worked out to $200.00 per tree. The Amish crew that worked on our farm is now focussing on milling and is no longer interested. The new people we are looking at identified 37 trees they wanted in the same area and similar mix and the average has dropped to $137.00 per tree. My question is, has the market for hard wood dropped enough to explain this difference? Also can I get a list of hardwood prices per board ft? Thanks

Macomb County Michigan

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I would highly recommend finding a consulting forester you can trust to help you work through this process. There is not list of hardwood prices for the state as value can vary by not only the quality of the tree, but also the distance to a mill and supply/demand. A consulting forester would have the information for your area, and could help you get top dollar for the timber you are selling. A consulting forester does cost money, but earns that money back by ensuring top dollar and that the land is left in the condition that you dictate.
The Association of Consulting foresters is a good place to start. Here is a link to their "Find a Forester" tool:
Of the state does have lists of consulting foresters organized by County:,4570,7-350-79136_79237_80945_81361-298690--,00.html
And here is a bulletin outlining why hiring a consulting forester is a good idea:
There is no charge to download the file.
I hope this helps. Please feel free to reach out again if not.
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