Sucker control

Asked February 4, 2020, 10:14 AM EST

When clearing suckers growing from the roots should we pull the suckers up so cutting them below ground level? Should we be just cutting at ground level? Are trees were planted Jan 2017.

Yamhill County Oregon

1 Response

It's best to locate the exact point where the suckers arise from the roots.

To do so, clear the soil off the root until you can see where the sprout originates. Next, remove the unwanted spout by cutting it as close as possible to the large root.

If you cut the sprouts off at ground level, the sprouts will put out still more shoots by sprouting from the underground portion. The result, if given enough time - a season or two - will be a bush. In other words, the effect will be the same as whenever you shorten an above-ground branch.