Johnson grass

Asked February 3, 2020, 11:17 PM EST

Just purchased 40 acres in Paris, KY and the pastures are over run with Johnson grass. I have 4 horses plus dogs and cats. All of my animals eat grass. How do I control the Johnson grass so it does not harm my horses? I’m not building for a year and would like to have a pasture free of Johnson grass when I move in.

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Johnsongrass is indeed a difficult weed, but the herbicide glyphosate kills it readily. this can be accomplished by spraying the whole field with two application in mid summer and then again late summer and then reseeding in the fall. Another option if the Johnsongrass is mainly in patches is to spot spray the patches or use a wick applicator.
You have a very good county agent, Patton Slusher. He would be glad to help you with more specifics. I encourage you to give him a call.
Ray Smith, Forage Specialist, Univ of KY