Soil testing for lead and other contaminants

Asked February 3, 2020, 4:22 PM EST

Does the OSU Extension office assist in any way for helping residential customers who want to have their soil tested for lead and other contaminants? We want to plant a vegetable garden in our back yard where a small building used to exist. We're concerned that there may be lead or something else in the soil and just want to make sure there isn't anything in the soil that could be harmful to us. Thanks, Rob

Klamath County Oregon

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Hi Rob, here is a guide to the labs that do various kinds of soil testing and serve Oregon:
Many Extension offices offer pH testing of soil, but you are looking for something more advanced. The referenced guide has a table showing all the companies that perform testing, and which kinds at each company. Contact information for the companies is also included so it's easy for you to get in touch with them to get more detail.
I hope you find this helpful, Nicole

The attachment link you sent had to do with growing fruit trees at home, not about people/companies that provide soil testing for contaminants. Did you mean to send me this? Thanks, Rob

Rob, that looks like the right link but the wrong publication, try this one:

Thanks, Sandy. Sorry about the confusion, sir- the previous question I answered contained a link to the fruit document- somehow there was a glitch. If the link doesn't work you can also "google" OSU EM8677, that also usually pulls it up.

Thank you, Nicole