plum tree suckers

Asked February 3, 2020, 1:00 PM EST

I have a santa rosa plumb that sends up dozens of suckers,many from around the trunk of the tree and others as far as acouple of yards away. How do I get rid of them without harming the tree? Also, what is the differnce between a regular prune and orchard prune? Thank you

Washington County Oregon

1 Response

It's best to pull off suckesr that sprout from the base or from roots.

Do so on a regular basis so that this (annoying) regular chore is easily done. If needed, uncover the base of the sprout, where it connects to the base or the root.

Then grasp the sprout near its base, and pull it off with a firm, sharp jerk toward the tree.

If older, large shouts are present, you may need to cut them off as low as possible. Unfortunately, this method allows new sprouts to grow from the same place. Jerk them off as needed.