Insects in pine siding and cedar trim

Asked February 3, 2020, 10:06 AM EST

My house is 37 years old. It has pine siding with cedar trim. I have been treating the wood to kill and repel carpenter bees for years without success. I now plan to cover the siding with vinyl siding and the trim with aluminum and vinyl. There are probably bees or larvae hibernating in the wood now. Should the wood be treated before installing the new siding and trim and what is recommended?

Frederick County Maryland

1 Response

Often, external treatments for carpenter bees are ineffective due to the short exposure the bees have to the pesticide. They do not consume the wood they chew through, and only the small surface area of the tunnels they excavate contains the pesticide. Professional pest control technicians have access to other forms of insecticide (probably powders as opposed to aerosols) that can be applied deeper into the nest and may seal the tunnel afterwards with a material such as expanding foam. Our recommendation is to seek the help of a professional in the pest control industry, as they are certified to obtain and apply such pesticides and will know the best timing for application(s).