Sad pine tree/s

Asked February 3, 2020, 9:30 AM EST

One pine tree in my back yard died this fall, a second spruce lost its lead shoot, and now a third has browning needles around its mid section. What’s going on?

Gallatin County Montana

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So your pictures don't give me much indication of course but the top or terminal growth of a spruce tree is usually the white pine weevil check this link out to see if this fits Is it a pine or spruce for the 3rd tree in question? Some winter needle browning can be to winter injury such as this Pine tree could be a mountain Pine
beetle or root issue?

Any interest in coming out and taking a look to confirm? Or is this something I need to call a tree company to handle? I'd hate to loose them.

Sorry I am not in Gallatin County but call your local agent Josh Bilbao (406) 582-3280 or a local tree service to have them checked out.

I tried him he never returned my call, the reciptionest said his dog had puppies... I'm going to just call a tree company. Thought I might be able to get some help form the extension office on the cheap.