Red twig oslier dogwood

Asked February 2, 2020, 4:19 PM EST

I have some Oslier Dogwood seeds. Can I sow them in a container and put it outside in my yard? What is the best way to germinate these seeds? Thanks

Hennepin County Minnesota

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The winter sowing method uses recycled containers as miniature greenhouses to sow seeds of plants that would normally survive winter either as perennials or as reseeding annuals. The containers protect the seeds so more survive to germinate in the spring. They receive the same weather and temperature as those directly sown in the ground. The uncapped spouts allow rain and melting snow to keep the soil moist. Recommended containers are recycled clear or opaque containers such as plastic milk or water jugs, two-liter soda bottles, deep foil pans with domed clear lids, and quart dairy containers. Any of these can be used keeping in mind two important requirements: tinted plastic should allow your hand to be visible through the plastic for sufficient light and it must be deep enough to allow 3-4" of potting soil plus additional headroom for the seedlings.
The following site has directions for germinating red twig dogwood seeds.