Community Garden(s) in Howard County

Asked January 31, 2020, 1:20 PM EST

Hello. I just moved to Howard County and live in a condo, which means that I can no longer have a garden outside my door. Are there community gardens in Howard County that I can join to grow my own vegetables and contribute produce and labor to others in the area? If this type of arrangement does not exist in Howard, can you provide leads to gardens in nearby counties? Best, Elise

Howard County Maryland

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Hello. There are several community gardens in Howard County. Unfortunately, it looks like the plots are all spoken for this year, but you could add your name to the waiting lists. You can find the garden locations and membership details on the pages linked below.

Howard County Conservancy

Columbia Gardeners

If you want to find a community garden in a neighboring county, I recommend contacting the county's government office or parks and recreation department to find out what options are available. I hope you can find something suitable. Good luck.