Growing vegetables on the coast.

Asked January 31, 2020, 11:40 AM EST

We live in Florence and most of the information is for the Willamette Valley gardens. Is there information for growing vegetables on the coast? thank you, John Skarda

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There is a variety of information available that can help you.

OSU Extension publication EC 871 - "Vegetable Gardening in Oregon". Pages 3-5 identifies Florence as part of growing area 1 (Oregon Coast) and provides information regarding suitability of vegetable crops for the coast. Here is a link to that publication.

OSU Extension publication EM 9027 - "Growing Your Own" - provides additional useful information. See pages 18-19 for Oregon Coast specific information. Here is a link.

You can call Lane County Master Gardeners Mon-Thur 10 AM - 1 PM at (541) 344-0265.

Here also is a link to some tips for growing vegetables on the coast from a longtime successful Lincoln County Master Gardener.