Robins in Michigan

Asked January 30, 2020, 8:33 PM EST

Do all robins fly South for the winter? I have seen some in December and this year in January

Ingham County Michigan

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HI There,
American Robin's are short range migrants, with some birds in the US not migrating at all. While the majority do leave Michigan in winter, some do not if they have an available food source or if weather conditions remain mild. Individuals or small flocks of robins are regularly found in southern Michigan, especially in mild winter months, and especially if there is a food source like berries available. In the upper peninsula of Michigan it is less likely you will find a robin in winter, although some hardy individuals to stick it out in some years. Because robins in Winter spend more time in trees eating fruit, and not hopping around in lawns and on the ground they are less visible which may be why you have not seen them in winter before.

To learn more about American Robins, check out the All About Birds website linked below from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology