Canning meat

Asked January 30, 2020, 12:14 PM EST

Any classes/resources on canning meat and selecting a pressure cooker?

Lane County Oregon

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At this time we do not have any scheduled but likely we will be offering a pressure canning class this summer as well as our annual tuna canning workshop. We should be deciding our summer classes in the spring and post them on the Lane County Extension Food Preservation website.

We are taking applications at this time for our Master Food Preserver Volunteer training which starts in April and it includes lots of information on pressure canning as well as hands on lab if that is something you might be interested in getting involved with. We have an incredible cadre of MFP volunteers in Lane County.
There are also publications on how to pressure can meats and select a pressure canner on our FCH website you might like to look at. http:/

Look for PNW 361 Canning Meat, poultry and Game and also PNW 421 Use and Care of your Pressure Canner.

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Nellie Oehler