Juglone-tolerant vinifera?

Asked January 30, 2020, 12:05 AM EST


I was wondering if anyone in your group knows if vinifera grape varieties, specifically Sangiovese vines, might be juglone tolerant. I have a large black walnut tree in my back yard and want to plant Sangiovese vines just past the drip line. I was going to grow them in raised, open bottom planters with organic/composted soil, but knowing that the roots will eventually reach the ground level makes me worried that in a few years they may all die off.

Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Bob P

Albany County New York

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Sorry to take so long. I have been traveling and speaking for the last two weeks.
No, I am not aware of any grape rootstock which is promoted as tolerant to black walnuts. I have seen black walnut affect vinifera plantings.
In looking at plants that are tolerant of black walnut I see wild grape listed in some lists (probably all copied from the same initial source) but the species is not identified. Vitus riparia is the common river grape and a common northern wild grape.. Riparia Gloria or Gloire de Montpellier is a pure riparia rootstock. It would probably be a good choice for a rootstock. 3309C is a riparia by Vitis rupestris rootstock and commonly used in North America. I think it was the rootstock used in the vineyard that did not tolerate juglone from black walnut.

Oh well, I was hoping for a secret from Mother Nature. Thank you very much for the reply.