Recommended rhubarb varieties

Asked January 28, 2020, 8:07 PM EST

Can you recommend a rhubarb variety that grows well here in our hot, humid Maryland climate? I've tried multiple varieties over the last 20 years and have yet to have one survive more than 4 years, and that was Canada Red. I've read your Q/As about hot and wet locations, but rhubarb is a "cool weather" plant that seems to eventually succumb to our hot climate. Any specific varieties you recommend? Bob HoCo MG emeritus ###

Howard County Maryland

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Hi Bob,
We recommend that you find a spot in your garden that only gets early morning sun to about 2-3 pm. It can be difficult to grow rhubarb in an area that gets full sun all day. Location is more important than cultivar.
Here is some information from Cornell
Let us know the results and happy growing.