Nutritionally complete homemade dog food

Asked January 27, 2020, 7:17 PM EST

Hello. Do you have any expert-created recipes for a nutritionally complete dog food?

Washington County Oregon

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Hi! Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately, I do not have home-made nutritionally balanced dog diets. Every dog is an unique individual. A dog's activity level, breed, size, age, and physiological state need to be considered when making a home-made diet. I suggest working closely with your veterinarian to formulate a diet that meets your dog's specific needs.

Other important considerations for making your dog's food at home is the handling process. Most home-made diets use raw food. Make sure if you are putting raw food in their bowls, you wash their bowls after every meal. Having metal bowls helps to keep their feeding area sanitary. Plastic bowls can develop scratches that promote bacteria growth. Also use more caution if you have anyone in your home that is immunocompromised like young children or elderly.

I would also talk to your vet about whether to include grain in your dog's diet. Recent research shows that dog fed a strict grain free diet can develop heart conditions called nutritional cardiomyopathy.

I hope my response is helpful.



Thanks so much!