Rabbit damage to cherished shrub

Asked January 27, 2020, 2:08 PM EST

Hello, I'm hoping my beloved Euonymus alatus can survive an attack by rabbits. I fear for it because the main stem has had its bark nibbled around its entire perimeter. Bark on other, smaller branches or stems have also been chewed off, but the main stem has had the worse damage. I've now got a cage around the entire plant. (It stand about 4.5' tall). Is there anything that can be done to save it? Thank you, Mary

Stearns County Minnesota

1 Response

Caging it is an excellent strategy. The only thing to do now is wait for spring and see it it survives. I have seen shrubs with similar damage survive very well. I was sure they had been nibbled to death but they leafed out in the spring.

Good luck.