We have used Valor XLT soybean herbicide for many years and are happy with...

Asked January 25, 2020, 9:53 AM EST

We have used Valor XLT soybean herbicide for many years and are happy with it. We will be getting some Sonic herbicide this year due to a company promotional offer. I understand it is a lot like Valor XLT. the following are my questions. 1. How similar is Sonic to ValorXLT? 2. Are the rates the same? 3. If I have a little of each left can I tank mix them? Thank you for your help.

Seneca County Ohio

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Sonic has two ingredients that are completely different than Valor XLT. The products are sulfentrazone called Spartan and cloransulam called FirstRate. Cloransulam is as good or better than chlorimuron on both ragweeds and marestail but the ragweed’s and marestail could be resistant like they are to chlorimuron. The flumioxazin in Valor XLT is fairly effective on common ragweed and maybe a little effective on giant ragweed that both may be resistant to the chlorimuron and cloransulam but the sulfentrazone has NO activity on either ragweed. These are the biggest differences. As for rates they are not the same. sonic is applied at 3-6.5 oz/A if applied to soils with less than 3%organic matter or 3-8 oz/A with >3% organic matter. The rate to apply depends upon whether you have waterhemp in your fields and how effective the postemergence herbicides will be. If you have waterhemp I would recommend rates of 5 to 6.5 oz/A. If you are sure you do not have waterhemp and you will be mixing 2,4-D or dicamba with glyphosate then I guess you could have a rate range of 3-5 oz/A. If using Liberty postemergence then I would suggest 4-6 oz/A. Yes you may mix the two together. I would probably use 3.0 oz/A rate of Sonic and a 3.0 rate of Valor XLT Please call if you have any questions. Jeff