Tomato Fusarium Wilt Resistance?

Asked January 23, 2020, 2:30 PM EST

Hello. I believe I have had Fusarium Wilt in some of my tomatoes. I have been reading a lot and it appears that Race 1 (F resistance) is likely the issue for plants in Colorado. I am looking at seeds and see some that have resistance to Race 2 (FF) or Race 3 (FFF) or Fusarium Crown and Root Rot resistance (FCRR). I am wondering if I get a variety that is FF or FFF (resistant to Race 2 or 3) will it still protect against Race 1 (F), or are the resistances totally separate? Or is an FFF also resistant to FF and F? Thank you in advance.

Boulder County Colorado tomato diseases

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I have checked the available resources on the Extension website. I have found a CSU Extension Fact Sheet 2.949 that references Fusarium Wilt and Fusarium Crown Rot. It talks about using seeds that are labeled VFN, VFNA, VFNT as a means to avoid having plants that get the fungus. It also suggests not planting in the affected area for 2-3 years. It indicates that no fungicides are labeled for control. There are cultural practices you will want to observe to prevent conditions that cause the symptoms you report.
Your specific questions abut comparing the choices of available seeds with purported resistances is beyond my ability to respond. Best of luck to you in your gardening endeavors.