invasive wisteria

Asked January 23, 2020, 9:55 AM EST

can you help? I have wisteria that is going crazy it is on my fir tree, going into onto my she sheds and into my lawn. Does Lime kill it , if not how can I get rid of this thing the vine is also over my camper and heading towards my pool it started with 2 plants. If I had known how invasive it was I would have never kept them they were a gift from my daughter about 25 years ago and it has only had flowered maybe 5 times cause the frost has killed them please please HELP

Susquehanna County Pennsylvania

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Wisteria can be extremely invasive unless it is periodically pruned and maintained. Now is an ideal time to prune back to the base of the original plant and dispose of all cuttings. You can attempt to dig the original plant but recognize that many of the feeder roots spread underground laterally and establish their presence on any structure that will provide support. If you want to maintain the plant and appreciate its beautiful flowers then prune aggressively but allow as many desired branches to remain and prune those branches back about three buds from the end.

If you want to eliminate growth completely, then follow the approach listed in the following link which identifies approaches that work and those that don't.

Good luck with your efforts.