Asked January 22, 2020, 11:24 PM EST

I have found several mushroom type objects of different sizes in the debris in a Douglas Fir woods. How can I tell if they are truffles or some kind of mushroom? The first one pictured is a bit bigger than golf ball size and has not been washed. The second photo shows one between the size of a pea and a cherry. I washed it off and cut it open. Thank you for your help identifying them!

Marion County Oregon

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The one cut open is a species of Rhizopogon, a kind of false truffle. A microscope is required to determine the species. True truffles have a marbled appearance when cut open. The large one that is uncut may also be a false truffle, but I wouldn't know until I see it cut open false truffles are not eaten normally and should never be eaten unless the species is confirmed by microscopic examination.