What kind of parasite is this?

Asked January 22, 2020, 1:58 AM EST

I was diagnosed with hook worm a couple months ago from cleaning up trailers between tenants some leave alot of dog feces. However my insurance wouldnt cover what hospital wanted me to have so i had to get pin worm medicine. It didnt take everything away. The pain in my feet & the wiggly marks on my skin went away but tiny specks started coming out of my pores & i ended up with 6 huge sores on my scalp 3 on each side. Then 1 night i took shower & something horrible happened. I had no idea what it was not lice or anything like that was in my hair. Long things some white in my hair started making my hair or maybe what looked like hair longer to get out of my hair i thought but pics show it even worse. It took over 4 hrs with my hair under water entire time even freezing water for them to make their way out. I have periods of times with no symtoms a few wks at longest. I have sores on various locations on my body that look like entry holes until they somewhat heal & new 1s show up elsewhere. Ive come to believe its possibly an parasitic infection possible by a species of roundworm but i could be way off. Those things are back in my hair on almost nightly basis. They are most active at night. And now i have 1 huge sore on my head that could be infected & hurts bad. When this 1st began one hospital treated me like i was crazy the next did not but didnt perform any real tests either. I have been treated like im crazy or on drugs by friends until they see the pics but it has left me doubting myself & my sanity. So i fear asking for help at regular hospital again but i no i need it. I have to live like a germ nut using antibacterial everything & wearing rubber gloves. Please help me figure out what it is. I was told by second hospital i should document everything since hook worm in humans is rare in U.S. so i have hundreds of pics.

Genesee County Michigan

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I do not have expertise with parasitic worms. I forwarded your question to my colleague who does. Here is his reply...

Hookworm infections are rare in temperate climates but can occur (although the origin of this message is not specified). The only symptom documented here that makes me think hookworm are the “wiggly marks on my skin.” If this person contacted a species of hookworm, such as a cat, or a species of dog, hookworm, where humans are not definitive hosts, the juveniles migrate aimlessly under the skin causing trails of inflammation. This is termed cutaneous larva migrans. The hookworms do this because, if humans aren’t the final hosts, they don’t complete their life cycles. They are in arrested development and just wander. This condition really can’t be treated with normal medications (anthelmintics) for hookworms or other GI tract nematodes. Hookworm eggs are passed in feces, where the larvae hatch and penetrate the skin of hosts when said feces are contacted. An infected individual with cutaneous larva migrans will never pass eggs in their feces because the hookworms don’t mature to adults.

The symptoms with the hair do not suggest a hookworm infection to the best of my knowledge. That seems more like an allergic response of some kind. I can’t think of any parasitic infections right off the top of my head that would cause these symptoms.