Living in hell!!

Asked January 20, 2020, 3:26 PM EST

Hello my name is Brandi, I live in the Northern Ky area. I have recently noticed a bird had gotten in my home. It have chicks and ok next of the baby birds got stuck in my ceiling and died. I could smell it but could not get to it . Well one week later I heard noises coming from my kitchen walls and the ceiling where the baby bird was. Accompanied with scratches and smells. I have never dealt with rodents , so I had no idea my house was being invaded from the hole in my roof that the bird also entered from.I got poison and killed most of the Rats (I'm guessing ) as I never caught anything . Someone said they were Roof Rats . 2 months after they left and died, things around my house started to move by themselves. I thought they were mice but I never could see the mice or catch any. Come to find out after checking Google, I was dealing with mites. But as I noticed some jumped when I startled them , came to find out I was sharing my home with not just one mite but spring tale fleas as well. But there are other bugs in my home as well , some fly , most of them crawl up my legs get into my shoes and some even borrow into my skin!!! If u could help me determine what I'm living with I would be forever in your debt. Because idk how much longer I can live with these creatures . It has been going on for 7 months.Some people say the burrowers are Scabies !!!?? But I don't have the tell tale signs !!! No mites in between my fingers but I don't them in my back, neck, face ,hair , legs and they are mostly red and black dots.but sometimes they are these clear white gooey blobs, that melt , feel like glue when you squeeze it between ur fingers . They make a popping noise too when u squeeze them. They get into ur cuticles,and borrow into ur skin. They make a airy whine cry noise if you try to pull them out or burn them.I find to hem on my floors , in my food , ok n my tables!! Hell everywhere !! My hair is falling out , and I have noticed I may have carpet beetles too !! They are in my clothes in n the lining . Even when I wash them they still pop and are there . Can u have more than one mite or beetle n ur home at once?? But I know something is burrowing inside me !! I ache and have pains in my muscles. My tail bone in s the most affected spot. My shoulder blades as well . My dog's have signs now too of something in their bare skin only . But do have gooey substance ok n their fur.i can barley get a brush through their fur... They are also in their paws and in between their finger paws. What are the creatures?? Please help me my 80 something year old grandma is now being affected. But the male's in the house are not as affected as the females . Does that mean something?? Why do they torment us females only?? I've tried everything under the sun to kill these things ,!!! I've tried Lysol spray and Apple Cider vinegar,tried Tree oil,tried a couple pesticides and Windex with ammonia in it to no prevail. Please help me I can't take much more !!! I even have a big creature looking thing that looks like a rock and it's black and has these gooey arm like thing attached to the rock , and it looks like a stinger at the very end . Scarest thing I've ever seen!!! I will send pics if u would like I caught it and out itput it in a plastic finger nail case . The scarest thing was I found it under a in table by the wall where the rats had a nest I believe. Thank u for reading this and I pray u can give me some kind of answer cause I'm starting to think I'm losing my mind. They have gotten so bad lately they r in my car as well .what do I do???

Campbell County Kentucky insect issues

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Thank you for your question, Brandi. I doubt that the Extension system can help you without a sample of the insect(s), but suggest you contact them directly through this webpage: Good luck!