Raining black stuff from branches no smell from oak tree

Asked January 19, 2020, 6:24 PM EST

All of the sudden my tree started raining black stuff look like bird poop at first but no birds in tree and it continued like rain we are ar a loss

It has stopped for now so about 20 mins of black rain from tree

Sonoma County California

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Can you tell me what kind of tree this is?

It was stated in the subject line but it is an oak

So it does! My apologies.

My first thought was drippy blight which affects oak trees. However, looking more closely it really looks like animal waste. I know you said there were no birds in the trees, but doesn't look like any pest that I am familiar with. With that said, I've just realized that you are based in CA and there might be something out there that I'm not familiar with (I'm in CO). I suggest you contact your local County Extension office to see if they can help you figure it out http://cesonoma.ucanr.edu/about/contact/