Asked January 16, 2020, 3:52 PM EST

I have my Epiphyllum siting in the middle of the house for winter. My question is is it receiving enough light? I moved it to the south window and the tips of the new stems looked like they were getting burned. Does it mean sunburn if the tops of the leggy stems are turning reddish brown?

Coffey County Kansas

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Some Epiphyllums reproduce by producing a long stolon(s) that will eventually try to produce a new plants wherever it touches down. That is what it looks like this plant is doing. Don't worry that the tip is reddish. It is just that it isn't mature enough to become green. You may have noticed this on oak trees where new leaves are often a reddish color until the chlorophyll develops to make them green.

If the tips don't turn green but die, you may want to leach the pot. See http://www.ksuhortnewsletter.org/newsletters/leaching-houseplants5097084 on how to do this.