Asked January 16, 2020, 2:17 PM EST

Should I be worried about sinkholes forming in my yard? This is actually in a back field I own but notice when it rains and the creek should be running, part of it is dry and the rest is flowing rapidly. I know it is going underground. But worried it may erode and cause a sinkhole. I have enclosed some video . There are also some spots that are small but look like a small sinkhole. And is there an organization that comes and looks at property to determine if it is high risk for sinkholes? I know Kentucky is full of Limestone bedrock and caves but hope I don’t have to worry that my property will fall into itself! Thanks for your time! Martina Mouser

Nelson County Kentucky sinkholes

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Thank you for your question, Martina. This service is currently unstaffed. I suggest you contact your county Extension office directly: Good luck!