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Asked January 16, 2020, 11:09 AM EST

Hello. I have 100 goat kids that will be 1 day-1 week old coming to my farm in February from Wisconsin. They are dairy, boer and mix goats. I am planning on starting them on Land O' Lakes milk replacer and wanted to mix in Holstein milk along the way. I am having a hard time finding appropriate resources to find out how much milk to give the goats daily and how to titrate them to higher volumes of milk. Additionally, I would like to know if Holstein milk is appropriate in this situation and how much to use if so? I would really appreciate your help. Thank you!

Gladwin County Michigan

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Good Morning

Which ever milk replacer you use, make sure that it is one that is specifically made for goat kids and mixed according to label directions. Kids should probably getting somewhere around 20 ounces twice a day for the first couple of weeks. As they get older, this can be gradually increased. Kids will over eat if they are limit fed using warm milk. Milk from Holstein cows may not be the best as it probably contains the A1 beta casein which can be difficult for goat kids to digest. Goat milk only contains A2 beta casein. Jerseys, Guerseys and Brown Swiss tend to have a higher incidents of A2 than Holsteins.

Thanks for the information Mike! Did you mean 20 ounces total for the day? So 10 ounces per feeding (twice daily)? I keep reading that they need 12% of their body weight. Also, can you refer me to articles that talk about the beta casein? I would like to know more about it.

Thank you again!

Sorry 20 ounces twice a day