Top Table Grape Recommendations

Asked January 15, 2020, 7:36 PM EST

Hello OSU - This is Stuart Campbell - Master Gardener with Clark County - We have been reading your publications on growing table grapes and truly appreciate the content. I wonder if you have a short list of the most recommended table grape varieties for our area (Vancouver WA)? We are starting a small vineyard on the Heritage Farm to be used for learning and education - for home production only. We will eventually have up to 150 plants, but for the first year we will keep it down to 15-30. We want to give the MG and interested public a good idea of what early, mid, late grapes with various flavors and textures. We will have a small area of wine grapes (in later years) for those who may be interested in home wine making. We are leaning toward American varieties due to disease resistance unless you can recommend a European variety that does well here. One final question - is it essential to purchase bare root, certified plants or can we use cuttings from healthy plants which we have on the Heritage Farm or in home vineyards? Thanks for listening and helping out where you can - Stuart Campbell 517-980-3207

Clark County Washington

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Thank you for your question, Stuart. WSU has an excellent Extension publication on grapes, which should move you along: This article, and its several links, should provide reliable resources for you. Goodcluck!