ID woodland plant with all-white stem, purplish tubular flower

Asked January 15, 2020, 6:54 PM EST

Hi, I came across this plant at Cascade River State Park last September and am wondering whaat its identity is. I'll attach a couple of photos so you can see the flower and its growth pattern. I've tried to identify it on plant identity websites, but possibly am not describing it within the search engine well enough. (I suspect it's a type of fungus given its stark white stem, but that's still a plant, right?)

Thank you very much.

Cook County Minnesota

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Indian pipe (Monotropa – once turned; uniflora – one flowered) or ghost plant is a perennial wildflower. The following sites have more information.

Thanks Pat M. BTW: the link provided has a gap in it. In case others come across this post, here’s the corrected link <>