Invasive species vines and bamboo

Asked January 15, 2020, 3:12 PM EST

Hello.... My Question is.... On my property we have many different kinds of invasive vines and bamboo growing, if I were to cut these vines and bamboo stocks will they regrow where they lay, they are not covered up with dirtLaying on top of the ground only. My thought is the leftover stocks and bits of cut vine will dry up over the winter time and not be viable to regrowth in the spring, if this is true can you please advise this to be so or not. Thank you very much.... John

Calvert County Maryland

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It would be helpful to identify the types of invasive vines you are referring to. If there are fruits and seeds on the vines, they can continue to mature even on plants that have been uprooted. As a general practice we recommend removing invasive plants from the property. Here is more information on disposal of invasive plants and information on invasive vines

Bamboo - will not root from cut pieces. Bamboo spreads from underground rhizomes. It can certainly be a hassle to deal with, but on the positive side, you can use the poles for trellising plants (pole beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc) in the garden.

Here is more control information.
Bamboo can be expensive and difficult to eradicate. The quickest and most effective method may be cutting and removal of all top growth followed by excavation and removal of rhizomes with close monitoring and removal of shoots and missed rhizomes in subsequent years.

Another approach is to cut the culms (stalks) down in spring and spray or paint the new growth that emerges late in summer with a non-selective herbicide. here's some more detailed information from our website:

Our recommendation for permanent removal is to find a landscape contractor who regularly performs this work. They cut down and remove all top growth, use earth-moving equipment to unearth and remove all of the underground rhizomes, and then treat/remove any re-growth.