Poison ivy issues

Asked January 15, 2020, 12:05 PM EST

In August, my daughter and her husband purchased a home near Preston Hwy. and Eastern Parkway. I helped them with cleaning up the yard, and came down with my first case of poison ivy, so severe the doctor had to treat it with cortisone. My son in law gets an outbreak just by walking around the back yard in shorts. Although I know what poison ivy looks like, I can't say we actually saw any. We have been afraid to work in the yard since!! Right now the lawn is covered in oak leaves. I was going to pay a contractor to remove the leaves, so we can be aware when the ivy starts popping up.
How do we remediate this? Can you recommend a contractor that is able to use the level of herbicide needed?

Jefferson County Kentucky

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Thank you for your question. This resources appears to be unstaffed at present. I suggest you contact your county Extension office directly. They may not be able to give you advice as to a specific contractor, but might have help seeking out a competent contractor. Here is their webpage with contact information: https://jefferson.ca.uky.edu/

Good luck!