How to block weeds in between raised beds

Asked January 15, 2020, 11:21 AM EST

I have about 10 raised beds and have used "weed fabric" on the grass in between the beds. Over time, debris and weeds have started growing like crazy on top of the fabric or along the edges of my garden fence. It is difficult to "weed wack" them since I have watermelon vines and sweet potato vines growing along the ground. I'm not sure what other people use in between their raised beds to minimize weeds. I heard some use wood chips (like the big ones used for playgrounds) but I wasn't sure if that attracted termites, roaches or mice. I heard some use rocks or pine needles (though I don't know where to get pine needles). Is there a solution to this problem?

Howard County Maryland

1 Response

To minimize weeds your permanent paths can be covered with wood chips, shredded bark, brick, or heavyweight landscape fabric (heavy-duty woven polypropylene weed barrier fabrics (they last for many years). If you use the fabric, secure it with landscape pins. If the fabric gets covered with organic material, weed seeds will germinate on top and grow roots down through the weed barrier.
You should not have an issue with the above insects.