Tiny black bug invasion

Asked January 14, 2020, 6:25 PM EST

I live in Sussex County De, near Redden state Forrest. Many people I speak to are having the same issue across the county as I am with tiny black bugs swarming. On several warm days this pst week or two they cover my railing, siding and steps. They look like poppy seeds until you zoom in. Are they harmful? Should we treat and how? This is my new home on the edge of the woods never saw these in summer. Thank you for the help.

Sussex County Delaware

1 Response

The insects in the photo you have sent are unable to be identified because they are out of focus. I have suspicions as to what the insect may be but cannot be sure because I can not see any features other than them being small and black. Many insects are small and black; therefore, a sample of the insects should be sent to the cooperative extension office in Georgetown if you still wish to have them identified. They do not appear as if they are a pest species but cannot be sure with identification. I would not treat now. They are near you home because although it has been warm in the day, nights are cool and you home is a structure where they can get shelter. You may be seeing them now because plants they may normally visit in summer are dormant. Again, cannot be sure without proper identification.