Young Blue Spruce Losing Needles

Asked January 14, 2020, 4:32 PM EST

I think it may have sat in standing water to long? (The pot it was shipped in.) Can it come back from this damage after I transplanted to a bigger pot with better spoil and water ?

Oklahoma County Oklahoma

1 Response

It looks like there are still some viable, green needles so depending on the extent of root rot, if that is the case, hopefully it will survive. However, blue spruce are not well adapted to Oklahoma and we often consider it a short-lived tree; it doesn't really like the heavy clay soils or the heat and humidity of the summer months. Many do survive, but a mature plant is uncommon. Make sure it is in very well drained soil and mulch the root area to keep them cooler and moist. Locating it in an area where it is protected from the winds and late afternoon sun and heat can help.