Breed of my horse?

Asked January 14, 2020, 2:47 PM EST

Hiya, I did make another post but made a typo saying my horse was 14’4hh (which doesn’t exist haha) Anyways: Can anyone help me out with what breed my horse is? Think she’s about 14’3 and is a medium-big build. She wears a size full head collar and cob/full/large saddle pad :) Her markings are a gorgeous dark chestnut/bay type colour and white. She also had a black tail and mainly a white mane but has got a black section at the top of her mane towards her forelock. Excuse how muddy she is in he photos but hope I gives an idea of her appearance I live in England if that helps, please help out if you know x

Outside United States

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Good morning. It is almost impossible to answer your question but we can make an educated guess. Since you live in England and the mare is of medium to heavy build I would guess that she may be at least part Gypsy Vanner. Her color pattern is appropriate and they are of light draft type. It is possible she is from a number of other breed crosses that included a Paint in the mix to give her the piebald color pattern. But, Gypsy Vanner cross or potentially pure bred would be my best guess. She looks like a sweet girl.