Peach and Nectarine Leaf Curl

Asked January 13, 2020, 6:26 PM EST

I bought a peach tree and nectarine tree from Home Depot ten years ago. They have grown, but have never produced fruit. They have leaf curl, and lose their blossoms and leaves in April, but come back with new leaves shortly after that which sustains them to the next year. I have tried spraying them with off the shelf chemicals (copper-based) from Home Depot and a nursery, but that hasn't worked. I'm wondering if I've used the proper chemical, proper spraying amount, and timing of application. I was going to stop by an orchard to see what the orchardists use to produce their peaches around here, but haven't done that yet. I should also mention that my prune trees (one is multi-variety) seem to have a similar leaf-curl problem. My sour cherry tree drops almost all of its cherries prematurely. Can you tell me what exact chemical I should spray with (and where I might buy it), and when and what conditions I should spray? Thanks, Gary

Multnomah County Oregon

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Fruit trees require extra care in our wet climate. "Managing Disease and Insects in Home Orchards", EC631 from OSU Extension Service includes charts you may find useful. There's mention in it of the PNW Pest Management Handbook, which includes details geared for commercial growers with some homeowner and general cultural suggestions.
Growing Fruit Trees and Nuts in the Home Orchard includes some of the same information and some additional. EC819,
And a final article some find helpful, others find discouraging is "How much does it cost to grow and raise a fruit tree?"
Follow up questions can be asked here, or contact the county Extension Service Master Gardener Volunteers directly,