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Asked January 12, 2020, 7:35 PM EST

I have the same problem, my 10 year old money tree inside is top heavy and wants to fall over. If I plant it outside, will it just die from shock? It was a gift and I don't want to lose it.
Thank you.

Bay County Florida

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Thank you for your question for eXtension.
If you will please send the question to Julie McConnell who is your Extension Horticulture Agent in Bay County, she can assist. Her contact info is
Tel:(850) 784-6105
I have sent her your question, but she has been away from the office. If I receive a response, I will also post it here. Thanks, Beth

Here is the information from Julie McConnell

Money Tree (botanical name Pachira aquatica) is a tropical plant and would likely be killed by freezing temperatures and could sustain damage below 55. If planted outside you would need to protect it anytime the temperature drops below that threshold. For more information about how to protect plants from cold you can read about that here, however, it is not recommended that you plant a tropical plant outdoors in Northwest Florida.