Acer rubrum how to help it?

Asked January 12, 2020, 12:21 PM EST

Hello, this is vinicius from Brazil, I love maples and I have my own red maple (Acer rubrum), it's been a year since a I got it, it is still young and small and it is in a container, in spring (October in brazil) it started its new growth well, but suddenly its new leaves started to look weird, most of them didn't develop, kept tiny and brittle and shrivelled, the leaves that had developed started to get black on the tips.
I have searched and I was thinking about mites and antracnose, só I've been applying sulfur and Bordeaux mix, it seemed that it was resulting a good effect because new buds started to grow with nice leaves, today I noticed the top of the tree that some new leaves started to get super soft like when you forget to water the plants, not all of them just a few leaves
Please help me save my red maple
PS: the white spots on the leaves is the sulfur I've applied

New York

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The soft tissue could be from sun scald. The tree is far out of its natural range, and growing in a pot. The roots could be damaged from living in a black, plastic container. The black absorbs heat and doesn't allow the roots to breathe. Examine the roots to see if they are white and healthy.
I suggest you plant the tree in the ground or switch it to a clay pot.

Carol Quish