Pruning an leland cyprus

Asked January 11, 2020, 11:11 AM EST

Can the lower branches, which the deer are eating be removed?

Howard County Maryland

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It is not unusual for deer to feed on leyland cypress. However, we notice more damage on arborvitae.

Deer will also eat anything if hungry enough. Keep in mind that deer may browse on any new plantings even resistant plants until mature. You will have to protect your plants with repellents, deer netting/fencing, and/or plant resistant plants. There are no easy answers. Take a look at deer resistant plants, repellants, and fencing. If you have to rely on repellents, they will have to be reapplied as they wear away in the elements. It also helps to rotate the repellents as deer can get used to them. Follow all label directions. Here is more information on our website

Prune only when actively growing in the spring. Buds are only present where there are green leaves. A branch cut back to a non leafy region will not form new foliage.